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Skiing in Pila

Pila is a ski resort in step with innovations, a few meters from our hotel you can reach the slopes in just a few minutes and be the first to enjoy the slopes or off-piste without worrying about taking your car and look for parking.



The path winds along the downhill ski run "Du Bois" to a length of about 2600 meters. The start is located next to the station of the chairlift "Chamolé" at an altitude of 2,311 meters above sea level, the arrival is at an altitude of 1785 m, for a total drop of 526 meters. The first section runs through a grassy and has curves in alternating grip, followed by a technical section of 50 meters, characterized by a rocky terrain "ROCK SECTION". Given the difficulty, this part can be avoided by taking a variant. In the first crossing of the ski slope we find two jumps, respectively, "JUMPING PILONI" and "FIRST COMPRESSION (STEP UP)," which, if approached at high speed, they become very spectacular. Entering the woods the speed is reduced due to the uneven terrain and the many tree roots. At the exit of this section, the trail crosses the path FREERIDE, with an overpass, which allows you to make a jump down. This is followed by a section that develops at the edge of the ski slope, where there are several artificial jumps including one called "DOUBLE JUMP IN CURVE" and a double jump out of the woods "JUMP OUT". At this point you cross a second time onto the ski slope, through a number of banks, in a new stretch of forest known as the "MAZE" where the path becomes very tight and using a jump leading back on the ski slope to deal with a curve to the left in the plan. Here are three small banks to deal in speed and then make a small jump. Crossing the ski slope for the last time, is the second "STEP UP", which leads into the woods where there is a challenging stretch (in variants) characterized by uneven rocky terrain.
After a small shelf you will come to another sequence on artificial and natural bumps on grassy ground called "humps". Facing a plan then you meet again the track FREERIDE overcome through an underpass. Follows a series of sweeping curves, to deal in adherence, in a bare forest. There is entered then in the final part of the path characterized by high spectacularity. The track has, in fact, four dishes very high artificial output of which is a hill that leads into a small slope, where you need to gain maximum speed to deal with a double jump of considerable proportions.
The path ends through other banks and bumps made ​​artificially and continues for another 300 meters in a stretch of transfer to the ski lift. The track Pila was designed by Corrado Herin, winner of the 1997 World Cup Downhill.